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Filling the tank with a pump THAT hundreds might've put their hands on is a scary thought. This is where the Manoguard Personal Protection Device comes to the rescue!

Making your gas runs hassle-free, this PPE device:

  • Fits perfectly on any gas pump thanks to its 5 by 5 ½ size
  • Offers a comfortable grip due to soft, high-quality rubber
  • Closes with a Velcro strap


This is a most Deff an essential product. I use it on everyday life. Especially on the train and opening doors when I have to hit the grocery store.


Great Idea!


Dope product helps with starting COVID free and touching those nasty train trails! 🔥 🔥


This product is amazing I own two. I use one for the gas pump and one for my everyday work, traveling, shopping etc. Sometimes I hardly notice I still have it own. Very unique, appealing, and its kept me safe. I would highly recommend.


This product definitely comes in handy..I have all colors just to match with my outfit sometimes…Thank You Manoguard


I use the manoguard all the time at the gas pump. Works Great!!!


I use my manoguard on the train everyday! what a great idea :-)

Renee Bradshaw

I think this is so Awesome can’t wait to get it….